Dr. Emily Rickman

European Space Agency Research Fellow

Space Telescope Science Institute

Exoplanets, Direct Imaging, Radial Velocities


Personal Profile

I am currently a European Space Agency (ESA) research fellow at the Space Telescope Science Institute, Baltimore, Maryland, USA. I work on combining astrometric and radial velocity data to find promising candidates to directly image, and spectrally and atmospherically characterise any detections.


Previously I was a PhD student and then postdoctoral researcher at Geneva Observatory, Switzerland, working on two large surveys to directly image exoplanets around young stars in the mid-infrared. The first one, called NACO-ISPY, is a high constrast imaging survey of nearby stars with debris disks to detect and characterise giant planets in wide orbits, including 120 GTO nights on VLT/NACO (ESO, Paranal, Chile). The second survey, SPHERE-SHINE (SpHere INfrared survey for Exoplanets) is a large scale direct imaging survey performed with the second-generation high-contrast imager VLT/SPHERE with 200 nights of GTO. In parallel, I was also investigating long period planets and brown dwarfs by coordinating part of the CORALIE spectrograph survey for extra-solar planets using the Euler Swiss telescope (ESO, La Silla, Chile). These long period radial velocity targets serve as ideal candidates for direct imaging, which allowed me to work towards bridging the gap between these two different detection techniques.

I graduated from the University of Sheffield with a first class Masters degree with honours in Physics and Astrophysics. I spent a year of my Masters studying at the Australian National University, where I worked with Kepler K2 data to find hot Jupiters and Neptunes around young stars. Upon my return to Sheffield I worked on a quantum physics summer research project, investigating cavity polariton flows. My final year Masters research involved producing theoretical binary star systems and calculating the resolution limit for detecting these systems, as well as producing models using Monte Carlo simulations to constrain physical parameters of these systems.

I am also very passionate about diversity and inclusion in STEM. In my spare time I love yoga, hiking, and traveling.



Background & Expertise


Space Telescope Science Institute


 Direct imaging and spectral characterisation of giant exoplanets and brown dwarfs around in the mid-infrared.

Geneva Observatory


 Direct imaging and spectral characterisation of giant exoplanets and brown dwarfs around in the mid-infrared. High contrast imaging of nearby stars with debris disks and long period radial velocity trends to detect and characterise giant planets in wide orbits using VLT/NaCo, VLT/SPHERE and EULER/CORALIE.​​​

Geneva Observatory


 Direct imaging and spectral characterisation of giant exoplanets and brown dwarfs around in the mid-infrared. High contrast imaging of nearby stars with debris disks and long period radial velocity trends to detect and characterise giant planets in wide orbits using VLT/NaCo, VLT/SPHERE and EULER/CORALIE.​​​

The University of Sheffield


Determining the limits at which binary star systems can be resolved by producing synthetic binary systems with the use of IDL and resolving them using DS9, then plotted against data of Cyg. OB2 observed with Gemini North NIRI. Monte Carlo simulations were carried out in order to produce a whole population of synthetic binary systems and compare these simulations to the observations in order to try and constrain some physical properties of binary systems

The Australian National University


I analysed NASA Kepler K2 data for hot Jupiters and Neptunes around young stars in order to analyse light curves to look for transiting planets and assisted in taking follow up observations using WiFeS (ANU’s Wide-Field Spectrograph at Sliding Spring observatory).

The University of Sheffield


I was awarded funding by the Sheffield Undergraduate Research Experience to undertake a research position. The project involved investigating the feeding of cavity-polariton states with multiple lasers to determine theoretically if photons injected by a second laser can generate polaritons that substitute those participating in a pre-existing polariton flow.

E. L. Rickman, D. Ségransan, J. Hagelberg, J.-L. Beuzit, A. Cheetham, J.-B. Delisle, T. Forveille, S. Udry

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The SPHERE infrared survey for exoplanets (SHINE) III. The demographics of young giant exoplanets below 300 AU with SPHERE

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Accepted to A&A

Looking for disks or planetary objects around directly imaged companions: a candidate around DH Tau B

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A&A 641, A131 (2020)

A High Angular Resolution Survey of Massive Stars in Cygnus OB2: JHK Adaptive Optics Results from the Gemini Near-InfraRed Imager

S. M. Caballero-Nieves, D. R. Gies, E. K. Baines, A. H. Bouchez, R. G. Dekany, S. P. Goodwin, E. L. Rickman, L. C. Roberts Jr., K. Taggart, T. A. ten Brummelaar, and N. H. Turner

The Astronomical Journal, Volume 160, Issue 3, id.115 (2020)





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